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FB One of my accounts that I have is a bank....

Discussion in 'TMF Facebook Group' started by Tony Smith, Oct 11, 2017.


  1. Tony Smith Guest

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    One of my accounts that I have is a bank. They are asked me my opinion on carpet. Because they are replaced carpet. And they want something that will last and clean up good... So if you guys could reach out and give me hand....I would like your guys' input on this.. Thanks
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  3. Kevin Volk Guest

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    I would recommend a low pile nylon with some kind of pattern.
  4. Tom Ingram Guest

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    Miliken and only Miliken .
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    solution dyed continuous filament nylon. Pile as dense as possible.
    Some type of padding underneath is advisable, as opposed to direct glue down of a carpet that has no integrated cushion component.
    I see many going with carpet tiles for these types of applications, as they have a built in rubber backing and are usually low profile densely packed nylon.
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    I would agree with Edward R. Hobbs and also advise going with nylon carpet tiles

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