FB OK weekend contest time again. This one were...


Paul Phillips

Robert Allen, fastest and best looking patch repair. 2 pieces of Carpet, each with a burn or bleach spot (must be the same carpet). And each get 1 piece of carpet for the donor. Timer starts when the carpet in touched.

Anthony Hernandez

That's crazy all that work. Just to work. Then having to reverse the order again

Kevin Wilson

I think some of these competitions should be done at the expos. Patching and spot dyeing would be fun. Other industries have competitions at their shows. Maybe an obstacle course with a 175. Set up a 2 liter bottles and try to weave through them.

Dave Yoakum

Who wears a wife beater to cleaning in? And,corner guards should come in on the first trip. Really i could careless about how fast someone can do a set up. Its who can get the most $$ out of the client that matters more. Id rather see a sell off.

Wayne Lacey

I truly believe corners guards go in last , they are only needed to prevent suction from rubbing egg shell off .. putting them down first ... gives the idiots a false sense the hose will jump the 12 inches if it has a twist .. also Robert Allen cheated on break down the hoses were rubbing on the way out u can't walk out of a house like that .its not safe

Dave Costa

In this challenge, is this how you guys really set up? Why are other factors ignored like wiping your feet or taking shoe covers, corner guard set up? How about fatigue from carrying hoses? Not using a hose reel looks plain stupid and a huge waste of energy that you need for cleaning, not to mention piles of hose in a customer's home. Try no hose reels for 4-5 jobs per day and see how tired you are at the end of the day. A real challenge should include it being done correctly efficiently in similar floor plans with real challenges and obstacles. I'd like to see a vct strip and wax challenge, or even better, a vlm guy that wants to challenge a sapphire 870ss.