FB OK weekend contest time again. This one were...


Robert Allen

OK weekend contest time again. This one were asking for a challenge idea like the one between Michael Camacho and myself. It will be open to Mike, myself and anyone else who wants to participate by video. We did a "Set up & Tear down" challenge. It was a blast and has over 10,000 views in short time. Mike did an incredible job using no reels. Like to do another and need your help. Whoever comes up with best idea we will send a free container of Groutmaster to them. A 50.00 value!! (Shipping included!) *Free samples Groutmaster are available (less shipping) here-https://shop.truckmountforums.com/collections/samples/products/groutmaster-sample-16oz Contest ends after Super Bowl 2017. Winner will be tagged and have 24 hours to contact [email protected] to claim their prize. Please like the Youtube video. Helps me a lot! Thanks and good luck!

Taylor Wayne Brobjorg

Everyone is talking about a competition about how fast you guys can be... well I feel like that's kinda wrong, you should each (using your own pretreatment and spotting methods) find carpet of similar soiling and staining and find out what method cleans more efficiently!