FB Ok i was blowing fuses on my porty constantly...


Joe Sylwestrzak

Ok i was blowing fuses on my porty constantly .I built a dryer 30 amp plug adapter and i havnt blown a fuse since.(its a 2 cord machine) ..ive been using the heaters sparingly as to not overload any circuits the entire time ive had it. . Well recently i started leaving 1 of 2 heaters on the entire time i clean with good results..well yesterday i had a pretty dirty job so i tried for the first time ever to leave both heaters on ..it was steaming like carazy for the first half of the job till my number 2 cord (not the dryer cord) blew a fuse....well i think ive come up with a solution! Chime in if ya can!...I am thinking of grabbing a short 12/3 extention cord(same size as the machine and my power cords) to cut a male end off ..there is a heater connected to each existing plug ..i want to disconnect the both heaters from both existing cords and wire in a 3rd power cord that would have both heaters on it which i would run from my generator to be able to clean with constant full heat power whe giving the customers house circuits a break YAY OR NAY????

Ron Russell

If U want to go a different way. I bought an external Hot Box. The Mytee Turbo Hot Box has 4 heaters in it and 4 sw. Each sw is 5 amps. I can control the heat. I can use it on 15A Circuits. The heaters will cycle on and off when temp gets too hot when you stop for awhile. Anyway I love mine.