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Greg Allen

Of all the equipment you have, especially considering pieces you have ADDED to your company, which one(s) do you think gave you the best bump in business, improvement in work quality, etc? In other words, which pieces were the BEST addition to your arsenal? For me, it was two: My 17" Brush Pro CRB for HWE agitation, and the Hoss Orbot for our VLM work. The purpose of this post is to give some perspective to others who are considering adding equipment, often at tremendous expense. I believe equipment investments should be well analyzed to prevent throwing money away for equipment that will gather dust, often purchased from board hype.

Optimum Cleaning

Toss-up between Brush-pro 17 & Rotovac 360i. I guess the Brush-pro wins because we use it every job. There are a lot of crb's out there now but I've been using mine for almost 2 yrs & no issues. I've had to change two bearings but that's it. One was warranty at no charge. Also, I don't sell these, so I have nothing to gain by saying it.

Kurt Skinner

I've been using an RX 20 for 6 years and only painted it and replaced hose for cosmetics. Sure it's heavy but it's results are heavyweight. Our prices are so high....it's built in so no up charges. If we run into dirty carpet, we pull.out the big gun. That's if. Mostly we can titanium wand.

Mike Raimer

Best was the cimex. So far worse was the Mighty T-rex. Only used once and it collects dust. Just bought a brush pro and like it. Would love if someone could take the T-rex and trade for a square scrub. Those are fantastic. Used one for years in a hospital. Really would like to try a zipper. Looks versatile for residential and commercial.

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