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Nu buck leather or not


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Dec 28, 2010
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david jones
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United States
I need some help guys I am trying to find out what kind of material this is this is my first one like this there is no tag anywhere here is a picture if someone can help I would gladly appreciate it thank you
Mar 30, 2010
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jason fisher
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That looks like microfiber with a sheen on it. Ask the customer for information such as where they bought it and try to get a ball park figure of what they payed for it by asking was it over $1500 or under. Typically microfiber is 3-4 times cheaper than real leather so that is a good indicator.
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Common janitor

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Apr 5, 2014
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Ed Feil
Agree with 1st .Choice and Fedri it does appear to be microfiber .
You can always check underneath or in the back for material to test if the cushion isn’t giving you anything to go on .
Appears to be lots of soil , spills , dead skin , oil .
Hope you have a drill brush to scrub with and a chem with some citrus and oxygen .
All the Best , Ed

Scott W

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Feb 14, 2006
West Jordan, UT
Appearance looks like microfiber or maybe very worn and abused aniline leather.

Interlink Supply does have a nice 4 page basic leather cleaning guide. It explains tests to determine each kind of leather. Also watch for my series of articles on leather cleaning coming soon in the new Interlink Supply blog site -

The simple test for microfiber versus leather is to look inside or somewhere you can see the backside of the material. Microfiber is woven and will look like cloth. Leather is natural, all one continuous piece.

Mama Fen

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Jul 18, 2012
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Most leather products are proud to state somewhere on the piece that they are genuine leather. See if you can find any sort of tag (or even manufacturer's name) and this may help. There may also be a "signature" or other small ID tag sewn into the gulley of an arm or behind a cushion.

Real leather, no matter what type or grade, will always get warm and soft to the touch much faster than synthetics.

It will also have a distinct smell due to its being a hide product.

It may have pores, "fat wrinkles", or even the occasional visible imperfection like scars, burns, etc. Synthetics are good at mimicing this textured appearance, but their patterns often repeat much like man-made "stone" tile floors.

You can even do a burn test of sorts - if there is a seam or skirt where you can snip off a small piece, you can burn it; real leather products will char slowly but resist flaming, whereas synthetic fibers will burn just like carpeting does.

Keep in mind that terms like "bonded leather" can be misleading - bonded leather is a term usually used for a product that is made of leather scraps melted down into a thick glue used to bind together synthetic fibers or plastic into a sheet (since there is technically "leather" present, manufacturers can get away with this terminology, but it cleans and wears like plastic).
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Jun 9, 2014
I concur, I believe it is microfiber meant to look like leather, drillbrush with kleenrite upholstery spray (red label, has a ammonia base).

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