Michael Lansford

Not a carpet question but have any of you restoration guys ever seen this on walls or ceilings? It's not wiping off at all and it seams to like the nail holes and tape lines.

Pacy Woonteiler

Look up ghosting... kinda like soil filtration. I had a job that looked like a smoke damage job.

Another one is from certain scented candles.

Jeff Rye

Soot lines attracted to cool areas like studs and nails/screws where there is no insulation. Use a chem sponge to clean these.

Kevin Wilson

I've seen it happen from over-dehumidification. We rented a dehu to an apartment complex once, they put it in a bedroom and forgot about it for a week. It did exactly the same thing.

Steve Gibbs

It's the same as filtration lines on the carpet but they are on the ceiling. You will find that it will remove with high alkaline cleaning solutions i.e. Sugar soap should do the trick.

Kim Vickry

Just curious, is there a gas fireplace nearby? Before restoration, I installed natural gas lines and It could be caused by carbon monoxide coming off of the logs due to a few different reasons and they may need a certified gas person to take a look at their logs to make sure they are operating properly. Maybe not but throwing this out there, better safe than sorry, just in case.

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