No idea how much to bid for apartment complexes. What about Motels?


Mar 4, 2010
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Ryan, I think this subject brings out a lot of emotion because many professional carpet cleaners believe that bottom feeders have destroyed much of the job market by working so cheaply. If somebody were not cleaning apartments for $39 a unit, it would be a far more lucrative profession with many more opportunities. Personally, I don't care because I make a good living anyway and I don't like working at apartment complexes.

shane deubell

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May 8, 2006
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. Once u establish a gd client base then you can raise your prices.

Yes but
I would say when you establish a good lead generation system you can raise your prices, the key to higher prices is estimates flying in the door everyday effortlessly or a system that works when you dont.Auto pilot, then you have alot of options


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Feb 1, 2009
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Not sure why you have called this a MYTH... because I have done it. What I did was I went to all my clients and talked with them about the rising cost in the industry. You cannot have a huge increase but even if u raise your prices 5 dollars per unit, If u clean 10 per day thats $250 more per week or $1000 per month. Look at it long term an extra $12000 per year. You have to have a lot of complexes to have 10 per day but its not impossible. I used to work for a company who serviced between 120 and 130 dif apt complexes. We averaged around 20 units per day. If you cannot raise your prices on the "cleaning" of the unit then I dont see why you wouldnt be able to get more out of your emergency water extractions or your repair work. Unfortunatly in this economy the price of everything is going up. Most apt managers understand this you just have to be upward and honest with them. Most of the money they spend on these units is from tennents deposits anyway so its not like they dont have the money to pay for the work.

Finally if you do high quality work for them, they will be willing to pay a little bit more because of all the replacements you have saved them over the years.

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