New Van and machine.


Mar 11, 2016
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Kyle Pipkin
After 16 years with a Hydramaster boxxer 421 and Chevy express 1 ton van it’s time to replace both. Want something reliable and easy to work on of course. 90 percent of my work is on vacant rentals and 10 percent on homeowners. Very little tile and upholstery work and A little flood work but not much. I’ve been looking at sapphire scientific 370ss and truck mount forums starfire and a Nissan NV or ford transit van. What are some pros and cons of these ? I’ll be retirement age in 15-20 years. I also flip houses on the side so it would be nice if I had room in the van to work out of it for the house flipping too , like space for tools , maybe a sheet or 2 of Sheetrock etc. I really want this to be the last van and machine I have to purchase. I am a one man operation. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Would also be open to hearing about pros and cons of other machines like Prochem or others. Again thanks in advance.



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Sep 17, 2009
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Arm Ben
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sapphire is a wonderful machine and super compact, most compact (imo) but even with that
a sheet of 4x8 piece of sheet rock will NOT fit, it'll hit tank or other piece of the machine.
get a water softener, (cause it sounds like you're doing good financially) I have a mini softener and it too is compact.
get the nissan or for transit and have a hitch installed just in case you need to haul something