New vacuums for Powr Flite machine help


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Jun 29, 2020
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Chris spanyer
current setup cat 1xp 250psi at 2 gpm with unloader valve and gauge I plumbed into old shell. Current motors are dual 2006 lamb 119407-13 2 stage motors that are pulling 10.6 and 10.8 amps . 1800w in-line heater pulling 14.8 amps between 2 cords. As I recall I was pulling 21.9 amps on one cord and 20-21 on the other cord. My thoughts are the old vacuums are leaving it pretty damp and in need of a fan. After cleaning. I have been doing more dry passes and faster wet strokes to try and not over wet carpet but still seams over wet. Hose measures 2” but end pieces of hose and wand are 1.5” . I’m thinking on upgrading older vacuum motors to 3 stage lamb 116765-13 but the specs say they are 13.1 amps so I’m hesitant to do that not knowing if it will actually pull 13.1 each. Or there are some lamb 11565-13 3 stage that pull 10.6 amps. The 10.6 amp motors seam like the obvious choice except that on one of the sites selling it says it only pulls 8.6 amps when your wand is on the floor. So I don’t want to draw less amps then I am now if the listed specs are wrong . Also I’m inclined to buy the 116765-13 motors because even though I’m not blowing any breakers at my house pulling more then the 20 amps I’m afraid somone else’s homes breakers might be touchier and I’ll have to add a third cord anyway. Which would then probably be dedicated to the heater. Thoughts? Hopefully some people who know if specs listed are real working specs. Or own one or the other motors.Thanks for your help.

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