New Town, New Start


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Nov 12, 2016
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I can imagine the hardest thing is getting your start fresh out of the gate.

Personally I feel Realtors are the way to go - many of them bemoan not having a reliable carpet cleaner in their back pocket, make yourself a friend to them. Do work outside of normal business hours, make sure that carpet is perfect everytime. Before you know it, you'll be doing $10,000 a month just with them.

The reason it's great? Meet their clients, TELL them to give you a review, don't simply ask. It's ok to explain you're trying to GROW your business, you can offer to give the realtor a good review as well since you find it commendable they even bother to get the carpets cleaned.

Clean the carpets in the home being sold AND the home being bought.

Plenty of "For Sale" signs with telephone numbers just begging you to call and offer your services.


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Nov 29, 2013
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Marian Lukacisin
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See if there is a local paper that will do an auricle on you "moving your business into the area". Many times these guys are looking for new stuff to write about.
Wholeheartedly agree . Years ago, when we opened up a deli place, we had a local newspaper guys and gals for hot soups and meals one day.They wrote an article about us. The day, after article was out, 250 people showed up on the top of 200 regulars( lot of potato pancakes had to be made that day). You'll have certainly more leverage if you do weekly advertising with them. I'm not sure, what effect would story about carpet cleaning have on audience, but giving the fact that newspapers have a good writers who wants to make name for themselves, it's worth a shot.
Good call @the rugman .
I enjoy reading your posts and other members should revisit them for useful informations as well.

Scott W

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Feb 14, 2006
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From my experience, you got good advice on putting out flyers, business cards, door hangers and other printed materials. Also contacting the local newspaper and upgrading your website. Huntsville area has a lot of technical people. Internet use is high. Get reviews from your customers.

I modified a program called "farming" to work in my area just north of you when I was starting out. Requires some leg work and time but not a lot of cash. Send an email with your company info and request a free copy. Send to Schyler Lewis [email protected]