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Nov 15, 2021
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Bobby Ward
I started up my carpet cleaning business full time last March. Been around the business though for pretty much all of my life as my dad started his carpet cleaning company roughly 30 years ago. With that said, with any small business family, he had me pushing a wand around when I was about 9 years old. Long story short, in all of those years he always used a porty due mostly to his clientele being high rise apartments. I have also only used a porty and have absolutely zero knowledge of a truck mount. I'm not looking to go into debt on this purchase bc my current clients have no issue with me using a portable. But I do want to broaden my horizons a bit and get into a truck mount. I've located a deal for an el diablo 2nd gen with 1700 hours and a truck for 10k. Is this something that a newbie truck mount guy like myself should get into? Again, I have plenty of experience with cleaning carpet, just none with a truck mount. Thanks in advance for any feedback.