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joshua noonan

Nov 9, 2014
Chanute, KS
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Joshua Noonan
Hello every one, I have been reading tmf for a couple of weeks now and find it to be very informative and also entertaining at times. In about two weeks I'll be purchasing my equipment and and starting a carpet cleaning business. This is something I plan on starting part time while I work, but hopefully will be going full time real soon. I have been in construction most of my life but have always wanted to own a company, so here it goes. I came across an opportunity to purchase a trailer mounted unit with a steamway mastermatic vx 4100, rx 20, and all the necessary attachments so I went on a couple jobs and decided to go for it. I'm purchasing from a guy that's been friends of the family since I was born and I'm getting his client list so I feel pretty good about it. We will be based in se ks so it's kind of rural but several towns around and cities not to far away. I do have a business degree and plan on my first certification class in feb. I have been doing non stop research about the industry but I know there's so much to learn so all input and advice will be greatly appreciated m

Ken Raddon

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Jul 22, 2010
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Ken Raddon
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United States
Two ways to learn. Take a ride along. Find someone on here that lives near enough to you that will let you go on a ride along for a day or more. Second way is to hire a half dozen companies to do the minimum at someones home. You will learn what to do but a bunch of what not to do.