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New Odorcide Duralast Multi-Purpose Deodorizers


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Sep 4, 2007
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Robert Allen III 'Tre'
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United States
Introducing NEW multi-purpose Odorcide Duralast! New Duralast eliminates all types of
odors in residential and commercial properties. Same odor neutralizing chemistry as the
current popular Odorcide in a less expensive option. Safe to use on all surfaces, Duralast is
applied directly to the odor source using saturation, spray and fogging methods. Simple, safe
and economical, Duralast comes in gallons and is available in five appealing fragrances (Citrus
Mist, Lavender Vanilla, Mountain Air, Peach Blossom and White Linen).
For more information, visit or call Thornell Corporation at
888-873-3442. Contact your local distributor for pricing and availability.