NEW Mytee ECO 1.5 HP coming in 2 weeks..What!!

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Paul Brown

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Aug 18, 2008
Santa Rosa CA
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Paul Brown
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United States
The amp draw might be the deciding factor... I've tripped breakers with many of my OP tools and rotaries. most 15 amp circuits will trip with a continual draw of 13.7 amps. I usually look for 20 amp circuits. The choice of pads, chemical and amount of solution sprayed can affect amp draw as well as thr carpet nap, construction and fiber material. I hope to run the new machine at ICE. In line Amp meters are inexpensive and provide useful information about amp draw with the wide choices of pads and cleaning solutions available.
Apr 19, 2017
Real Name
Christopher Kelley
Intriguing price for sure, but I wonder why they would need 1.5 HP? Also, it's 140 pounds! That'd be rough on steps!

If it's 20% faster, I'd imagine that's from the faster orbit, not the extra .5 HP.
Nov 13, 2017
Real Name
Michael Robinson
HP has nothing to do with speed, take three OP machines, one on 1/2 hp, one with 1 hp and one with 1.5 hp, they all do exactly the same at 1725 rpm. Could be cheaper chinese leeson motors are having a problem with larger orbit, but zero speed change by adding more hp.

Smtwn janitorial

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Sep 21, 2016
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Matt ross
I would have tried a mytee op but their local "suppliers" know nothing about their products. At least orbot has been helpful on the phone and knows their stuff. Even if they were slow.

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