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Nov 28, 2013
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Alan jones
I am in the market for a new machine. My Sapphire 370ss is about 5 years old, and is just getting to the point that I am looking to upgrade.

I have two questions-

My machine (roughly 2500 hours, I think) is about 5 years old. Still works just fine. It is in a 2017 Chevey Express 3500 with roughly 25000 miles. Van is in very good shape. I am curious about just selling the entire set up. Do you have any idea on a good price to start? I would include the fresh water tank, electric vac hose reel, live solution hose reel and 150 feet of hose for each. Some shelves and stuff in the van would stay as well.

The main reason I would consider selling the entire unit is I would replace it with a Butler.

However- to do my due dilligence, I am curious about some slide in options. Now, some of the things I like about my Butlers (I have 3 other Butlers), over my 370 are:

Constant heat with sustained temperatures in the butler compared to fluctuation of heat and temperatures, depdning on how the machine can keep up with the demand in the 370ss

The Butler has a small physical foot print compared to most slide ins.

The butler can run all day long, and the inside of the van temperature doesn't fluctuate much. With the 370ss the blower makes in inside of the van roughly the temperate of the sun after about 30 minutes of run time.

The butler is consistantly putting out 14 hg of suction, compared to roughly 11 on the 370. The end result- I think I am getting a better clean with the butler.

The 370ss seems to go through fresh water a touch more due to the bypass valve, where as a Butler seems to control fresh water intake better

**Now a con of the Butler- pump is only designed for 500 PSI which is fine for most carpet areas, but if you have a spinner tool for tile, you are stretching the pump some what thin**

Now, if a slide in can match some of these pros of the Butler, id like to consider it. So I am trying to do my research now, because I would like to have a van in place by October.


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Apr 9, 2014
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Bjorn Marshall
I would keep the van. Its easier imo to sell a TM alone to someone looking for an upgrade than sell the whole package.

Also the van is low miles and has a lot more value than the TM so its kinda imbalanced. You would prob get hosed selling the whole thing together.

Just get a new slide in
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