New Machine on the BLOCK!!! Called Back to the Future!


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Jul 17, 2012
Palmdale, CA
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Walter Arauz

This mod is top secret this is what got me started. I did no jobs with it as it left my carpet soaking wet since then I have replaced the motors and used it to practice working on machines it now gets 135 in of lift (keep in mind my lift gauge is messed up and starts at 30in so NO it is not 165") and 150 cfm. I use it for car interiors now or when a family member wants to borrow "a" machine to clean their carpet.

I then moved into the CFX and 360i and thats another story. Hope you guys enjoyed the future of machine, If John L., Rob or Ben want to buy my mods let me know. LOL j/k...

Disclaimer:(Read as fast as you can)
This video was made for fun, I have so much to do I shouldnt of done it. All parts are top secret Ametek, Lamb, PVC, Duct Tape, Silicone and everything I could find to make it work again. Machine can not be duplicated as I dont remember what I used. Fully stock model shown Available for $99,999 with credit aproval, interest of 79.99% for well qualified customers!

Jimmy L

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Apr 16, 2012
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Jimmy Ladigwag
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Put 50 feet of hose on that and then do your measurements.

Also you should put some vac motor screens on those stacks in the waste tank to protect them from debris.
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