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Sep 13, 2015
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Matthew Tyson
My batteries are not holding charge anymore on my new isp sprayer that I bought through TMF. I just contacting them and they told me to contact the manufacturer. Not very happy the way they hyped up the product.
Mine did the same thing, i charge both the last time i used it. i went to use it monday and both batteries were 100% dead and would not charge. The red and green blink at the same time on the charger. What a piece of garbage for almost $300, hope they are offering refunds


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Sep 15, 2018
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scott ziegler
I have been using the New IPS Pro Sprayer for about a month. A little over a week ago, my sprayer would not shut off properly. You have to disconnect the battery to get it to shut off. I have been trying to contact the company, but it gives me an error message when submitting the email. I have tried several times on several different devices. Same error message. There is no phone number to call.

Anyone know how to contact them?
send them an email. they are French and work odd hours francois returned an email but took a day or two. Disappointing service. [email protected]


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Oct 22, 2016
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Kyle manor
I have the IPS classic and it has been good to me. I installed the better seals and took the whole thing apart and put it back together in about 15 minutes. Super super easy to fix if anything does break but so far nothing has broken on mine