Mary Dixon

NEW FREE ODORCIDE DURALAST SAMPLES!!! Odorcide Duralast by Thornell Corporation is a non-enzymatic formula that eliminates odors instantly. This highly effective product uses bonding, counteraction and absorption to totally eliminate pet related odors from carpets, upholstery, clothing and more. Users can choose their preferred fragrance from Fresh Peach Blossom, Cool White Linen, French Lavender Vanilla, Caribbean Citrus Mist or Crisp Mountain Air by using the scratch-and-sniff feature on each container. Odorcide Duralast is safe for use on any surface and easy to use. Simply follow label directions for dilution and apply to reach the odor source. Concentrated Odorcide Duralast is available in 128 oz., gallon-size containers. For more information contact your local Odorcide distributor, visit www.odorcide.com or call Thornell Corporation at 888-873-3442.

Greg Allen RapidDry

So no free sample being sent to Alaska? I do 45 to 60 jobs per month as a one truck operation and would love to be a customer. Is shipping a sample to Alaska so expensive for a free sample that it isn't worth trying to get my business, or that of others in Alaska or Hawaii?