New Dang Pro V3 swivel wand


Robert Allen

If anyone is in the loop they know that we sell Vinus wands along with many other brands. All his non swivel wands have been good and he has backed up his stuff. But his swivel has fell short and so we took it out of the TMF store. I told Tony if he gets the swivel right I will sell it again.

Here is the promised video...

And buy it here at 995.00 plus shipping...

Well he says he has it perfected and we are assembling it now. It has a cool slide lock for the head too. We are also releasing a video in a couple days. Here's a few pics of the new swivel design. If it works good we will sell it in a week or so.
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Kevin Volk

I purchased the pos and changed the swivel 2 times in less than a year. I had to pay for the new swivel design. I have only used it for a couple of week, I hope it lasts for more than a few months.

Erick Dantas

I was about to order Tony's wand but then came that Mike's bad review video and made me scared again! So I guess I'll wait for your review, since Mike is best buddies w/ the other guys anyway. I would love to get a swivel and lighter wand, but like many, I don't want to pay $1800 for one!

Robert Allen

Jim Martin I looked at the wand closely and gave my input. The swivel is very similar to the Dev Pro I see. Both have 3 metal on metal races and 2 seals. One concern I noticed is the holes on the Dev Pro where bearings go in are very small. You can barely fit the balls in. When the seal fails how will you get the ball bearings out? Especially with grease on them. On the Dang Pro the holes are much larger so you can retrieve the ball bearings easily.Seals usually have life of 5 years at best.

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I moved this thread here because its a good discussion. We are making a video on the Dang pro V3 wand and should be done today. We stopped selling Tonys swivel versions until he gets it right we told him. He sent us one and it seems pretty good. We will review it.