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New CFX ZX & 360 kit with Proforce vac


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Sep 8, 2019
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Anders Conk
Hey Guys, I'm a window cleaner and started cleaning carpets this winter to stay busy since windows die in the winter. I purchased this start up package new from Rotovac in September and have done 20 jobs with it. I decided just to stick with windows and sell the equipment.

Everything is in perfect operating condition and is just 5 months old, with barely any use. There is 75 feet of water fed hose, 100 feet of vacuum hose, corner gaurds, Proforce 1500 xp vacuum with bags, blower, and everything else you need to run the equipment. The CFX ZX is amazing and has auto pump out. The 360 runs smooth and is easy to operate. Last two pictures are of at a customers house, showing how well carpets come out with this set-up.

If you are new to carpet cleaning I can teach you how to set everything up and operate. IMG_20200214_113726.jpg.

Asking $2,995
Free shipping or free delivery in Southern California.