Jan 24, 2022
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Matt Weber
I'm just getting ready to start my by carpet cleaning business with no experience, and there's one thing (well, a few...) that I'm not really able to wrap my brain around. I understand that the prespray does the work, and I'll be agitating with a CRB, and I'll then rinse and extract. Am I then to go back over the entire carpet with a separate neutralizer in a separate inline sprayer (or whatever)? Or is the solution used in the rinse enough?

Bonus!: Water's pretty hard here. If I'm using the water that I'm carrying, should I just occasionally huck some water softeners in my tank, or does this really matter? Thanks.

Sabyl Nate

Nov 4, 2018
Moline, IL
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Nate Howard
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United States
Are you cleaning with a portable unit, or are you using a truckmount?

Typically your rinse should be enough to neutralize, but do make sure that you're mixing and/or metering your rinse correctly.

I too operate in an area that has terribly hard water and run an onboard water softener because of it. A good rinse like "Ultimate All FIber Rinse" (I'm not affiliated, I just legitimately like the stuff) is helpful when using hard water too.