Needing a new Vacuum.


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May 26, 2011
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Roy Sanders
I am in need of a new vacuum. What would you advise on looking at. My wallet does have limitations though. For right now I am probably looking a midline unit. Doesn't necessarily have to be a dual motor unit but is a plus. I am just not sure where or who to start with. I guess I should add that this will have to be an all around vacuum. One that is for commercial as well as residential. I really hate cross contaminating jobs with a vacuum but I also dont like sucking all that crud into my machine even though it runs through a pre-filter.

Bud B

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Jan 30, 2011
Mid Coast, Maine
I've been getting my vacs through a second hand dump store. I picked up 2 Windsors at different times . People do not know what these are I guess, 500+ dollar vacuums for about 15 dollars a shot. I have beat the snot out of them since I have owned them and they still keep working. I have seen these same vacs on e-bay pretty cheap. Windsors are a German made vacuum, seem to be pretty good quality.


Brian D

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Mar 16, 2012
I think our next vacs are going to be the commercial Orecks. I really like the simplicity and they do a great job.

Before doing so I suggest trying one out or speaking with Oreck at length about your expectations. I have only used the XL 2000 and can not speak for the other 3 models but I was not very impressed. The XL 2000 does a decent job on hard/flat surfaces and is hell on carpet. When purchasing this unit, they failed to inform the customer there is a glide for carpet that is sold separately. Hopefully this is different now a days, but definitively worth asking about.


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Oct 21, 2008
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Since you have a little bit of a budget, I would say either Sanitare or Royal commercial vacuum.

If you didn't have a budget then I would suggest Sebo X4 hands down. The X4 has tons of power, cool features, and even on board tools (great for edging and stairs)! It is very pricey though, like $600 retail?
what do they really know?

kind of like the CRI eh?




Apr 4, 2007
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The only time I use a vac is for commercial work before I bonnet clean.

And I use a 18 inch hoover conquest.

My reason for not using one in a residential?

I'm not going to bring some one elses stink from one home to another.

Doesn't mean to just change bags.

Cross contamination.

The first time you vac a house with a dog or cat then you bring that same vac into someone elses home?

No way.

Vacuums are notorious for spreading germs and blowby dust back into a room regardless of hepa or not.

I can see trying to remove more dirt especially if you use a PORTABLE extractor.

But having used portables years ago and cleaning a home with dog or cat piss the smell goes thru the vac motors and fills the room.

I'd rather have that stink go out to my TM.
I stole this link from the powerclean site in australia.
Carpet Cleaning Accessories

I prefer to use this one because there is minimal chance of cross contamination (because all the crap from the carpet is removed outside to your TM) or Portable, this is a very handy vac to have.
And no electric power is required to operate this.



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Feb 21, 2012
If you need a new vacuum, make sure it has one important word on the bag or base --- Commercial! You will be judged by the equipment you associate with your business. Any consumer can do the job with a regular machine. But we are pros. We don't use consumer extractors like a Bissell or Rug Doctor, therefore we don't use consumer vacuum cleaners IMHO.


Dec 9, 2009
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Kevin Price
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I would like to add to Jimmy's reasoning....ENABLING... who is going to vacuum 2-4 times a week when you are gone?If you want to prevac for them(I mean, do their job) at least use their vacuum.You should be educating them on the benefits of vacuuming on a regular basis.
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