Need Radiator For PC Bruin 2


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May 15, 2016
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Quick fix
Crack an egg into the water
Pepper also works well
Radiator stop leak from auto parts store
Mod your own:
Honda/Mazda small Japanese car radiator about the same size
Older Japanese/Honda/Toyota/Mazda have better radiators
Go check out a pick a part or dismantling yard
New ones have plastic tanks - no good
Measure your radiator pay attention to how it mounts try to get a rad that mounte
Roughly 16in sq
Ideally an old civic radiator some kid is throwing away after doing an engine conversion
Local Honda / Toyota racing garages would be great wealth of info and parts they throw away ones like yours - beer
Also they are modification wizards that a truckmount mechanic just wouldn’t be
To find and slap a radiator in your machine those guys would do in their sleep!
If the inlet and outlet ports are slightly off you can make an adapter pipe from stainless exhaust tube, bend a coat hanger into the shape you need to adapt water and take to exhaust shop, six pack of beer will help, shouldn’t cost more than $20
The racing guys might have tube laying round too...
Couple of brackets to mount and adapt a radiator shouldn’t be too hard