Need help with truck mount install


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Mar 3, 2020
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Stephen McNally
After reading this forum for years I have finally got my van and truck mount. I bought a 2005 gmc 2500 van and A rage truck mount with low hours that I need to transfer to my van. The Rage is currently in a ford mini van so I assume all I need is the correct fuel line kit that installs in the filler neck for my 2005 gmc 2500. posting a link to what I think I need please let me know if I'm correct.https://www.this company does not support Also let me know if you know a place that I could pick up one cheaper. Also have a couple of other questions I started insulating the walls and ceiling of the van with foam insulation should I continue that or just rip it out? It also has a rubber mat on floor should I leave it in and install on top or remove it? Thanks for any help I receive and thanks for the inspiration for me to start my new career.