FB Need Help please! I've cleaned this sofas last...


Mark Johnson

I hope a resolution comes up that fixes this. Looking at it from a customers knowledge of how chemicals work I know the first thing they'll think is that you were using bleach, when we all know better.

Glenn Mageno

Paul Moss
Is correct. Squirt bottle with baking soda, mix, shake, mist and walk away. It could though require a second application.
So if you care to know what caused the problem? The answer is,,,,,,, drum roll.
The fact that the cushions are down filled. That's right. Law requires that a flame retardant be applied to the casing that hold the down feathers, so the acid from the flame retardant leached to the surface fabric and created the red/pink hue. The baking soda mix will neutralize it.
Good Luck! You'll be fine, and it'll turn ok.

Erick Dantas

Cory McCook A Kleerite Upholstery tool! It's the only one I like and have used for yrs! I've tried a few other over the yrs, and they either, weight too much, over spray a lot, don't spray enough, hurt my wrist, etc...

John Kelly Galiszewski

I had the same problem once with a down filled sofa, turned it pink. I was using an acid rinse, I went back and lightly sprayed it with an alkaline cleaner, brushed it in and it disappeared right. Score my eyes.

Ara Peter Klujian

I've seen that before. The customer uses resolve. And that is a chemical reaction to water extraction.
When the customer sprays chemicals on the material and doesn't rinse it out of status in the material for the professionals to be the blame. Good luck
Did you check inside the pillows for upholstery markings ?

Was there any, if not sounds like PH indicators which can normally be reversed sorry not read all the comments if this answer has all ready been given.

Scott Warrington

I have seen fabric go pink / red due to pH shock. The ammonia may help that. Flame retardant usually goes to a rusty or reddish orange. Flame retardant more difficult or impossible to correct. Look inside cushions first. If they are down filled, look for any traces of rusty orange on the inside. If you find it -STOP!

Erick Dantas

Thank GOD it's working and she is happy w/ the result. Thank all you guys too, for the advices! I'm using just a mix os 1 scoop of backing soda and water. My biggest problem is not seeing the stains due to my red blindness, but my son is working on it and he's saying it's disappearing like magic!