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Erick Dantas

Need Help please! I've cleaned this sofas last week and client just sent me a text complaining of the red streak stains that came up on all cushions. Have you guys seen anything like that?? How could I correct that without damaging the fabric color??? To be honest I can't see some tones of red, so I don't see anything wrong there in the pictures. Sofas weren't bad and she was mainly concerned about the smell, so I've cleaned it w/ very little moisture using a mix of Robert Allen 's Secret Formula and Hydrocide Xtreme, followed by just cold water light rinsing, dry passes and blowers drying (all the recommended procedures!). It was almost dry when I left and w/ no problems. It has white feathers inside. Going back to check it tomorrow! Just looking for advice on how to correct the problem please! Thank you all in advance!

Rex Bentley

I had a similar problem many years ago. The Dyes were loose in the fabric and it pulled the color out and looked like that when it dried. I had to have a huge sectional re-upholstered. I had used Pro's Pros Choice Products. I called the owner of Pro's Choice, and he split the cost with me.

Pasquale Cantore

That's why I like to have a waiver signed when I do upholstery and rugs because sometimes things go wrong. For couple
Dollars now you deal with a big headache and complaints from the customer
If they refused to sign that's when you walk away

Geoffrey Scott Howells

A peroxide encapsulation solution would rebalance the pH and drys super fast... Mist it on with a trigger sprayer or small hand pump and groom it lightly with a terry cloth towel or brush. Pretty sure that would take care of it.. Peroxide acts as both an oxidizer and reducer and has pretty amazing cleaning properties. I use it for most upholstery and rinse with low heat or none.