Need help on a bid for a 125,000 sqft printing packaging plant

Jul 9, 2017
Real Name
stephanie barber
Here's the details -

Office Area

Remove trash, replenish supplies, spot clean & disinfect all accessible surfaces, sweep, mop and/or vac all common area's

1 Front Entry w/glass doors & windows, planked tile floor

1 Main Reception Area & Joining Lobby w/planked tile floor

20+ office/cubicle spaces w/carpeted floor

3 corridors w/carpeted floor

1 stairwell leading out to production area w/vinyl covering & cove base

1 Set Customer Bathrooms Upstairs w/ 2 stalls each w/tile floor

1 Set Employee Upstairs Bathroom w/1 toilet/vanity w/ tile floor

1 Set Downstairs Employee Bathroom w/1 toilet/vanity w/tile floor

1 Training Room w/carpet

1 Conference Room w/carpet

1 Flight of stairs leading to bottom level w/vinyl covering & cove base

20+ Bottom level office/cubicle spaces w/carpeted

1 Janitorial Closet downstairs ( no way to get the cart upstairs and no area to keep a different cart upstairs so I'm thinking a small brute barrel w/ caddy or just a caddy, not sure how I'm going to work out some of these kinks until I spend sometime in there)

Production Area

Remove trash, replenish supplies, clean & disinfect all accessible surfaces, sweep & mop common walk area's

Break room & Lab are joined by a door both have vct floor and both are located upstairs in the production area. There is no janitorial closet with a tub to fill/empty mop bucket so we will have to use the kitchen sink in the break room or find some sort of flat mop system that isn't heavy so I can carry it to and from the down stairs handicapped bathroom. Its a challenge :) And its clear franchiser (JK) isn't providing all the services mentioned in the contract ugh :(

1 Set Bathroom/Locker Room Combo - Womens 2 toilets, 2 vanities, Mens 1 toilet, 2 urnials 2 vanities, small white tile throughout entire bathroom to include back splash, walls and floor BLACK BLACK BLACK grout, YUK! I'd rather pee on a shit pile, NO JOKE!

1 Set Handicapped bathroom - both w/ 1 toilet/vanity, vct floor

1 Set Bathroom w/1 toilet/vanity w/vct floor <for production workers on other end of building>

1 Production office w/2 desk, w/vct

1 Maintenance office w/3 desk, w/vct

1 Shipping office, w/1 desk, w/ 1 window, w/vct

Exterior Break Area Trash/Empty Butts/Sweep 1x per week

Currently, we service their other properties HOWEVER this building is located in an industrial park in a great location up in the city. I have a copy of their current providers contract so I know what they're paying currently, however I just can't see servicing this property for the price the company is currently paying each month. There's just not much of a profit. Also, they want me to provide all my cleaning supplies.

I have this estimated w/2 employee'[email protected] approx 3.5 - 4.5 hrs per evening starting out @ 5days per week. I can't charge them what I charge for the other buildings because I have so much more to include such as travel cost, supplies, taxes etc. The other buildings are in my local area this one is not. Any advice would be AWESOME! If you need additional information please ask :)