Need help diagnosing White Magic problem


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May 11, 2015
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Ronald Stonis
My white magic 1200 doesn't rev up when I turn it on. it just idles. I took it to my repair guy who is fairly good at diagnosing a problem with truck mounts. he looked at it and tested it and it run normally for him. Kept testing it and it ran fine. I drove it home for an hour drive, and it did it again. Did not run except for a low speed idle. Mymechanic thought it was a vacuum problem, but he checked that and found nothing. Now I am stuck with no cleaning capability. He told me I could get it going by hitting the excelerator quickly and it did work for me but only for a while. Now hitting the excelerator it does not make it rev up to being able to use it. He also said there was only one other thing that might be possible, and that was a small squarish piece out on the firewall that connects the small hoses into it. he said they seldom fail, but it is known that they can. If he puts that part in and it still doesn't work, what on earth am I to do? Without that being fixed I am out of business . Someone must have had the same experience that I have and if you were able to get it repaired i would be so grateful if you could share me the information on what was wrong and what needed repaired? My van is a GMC Savannah 3500 and the cleaning machine is white magic 1200. the van is a 2005. Any suggestions or help you can give me on getting this fixed? Thanks you so much. You will be my hero if you can help me.
Ron Stonis
Loudon, NH.