Need help deciding on a Sapphire 370 or Boxxer 318


Feb 21, 2011
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Bill Glinka
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United States
I have owned a Boxxer 318 for about 6 years now. 3 years ago I purchased a 2nd van and purchased another Boxxer 318.
I purchased the same machine so both vans would have the same machine and this way anyone that worked with me
would understand how to work with either van. In hindsight I have always regretted that decision because I feel I should have
purchased a Boxxer 427 or a Sapphire 370SS so that van could be used for services the other van could not perform.

I do most residential and small commercial jobs. For the most part I try not to go over 150 ft of vacuum hose but every
once in a while I run 200 ft of hose. I am considering trading in my newest Boxxer 318 (which only has 500 hours on it)
and getting a Sapphire 370 SS.

The sales people tell me the 370ss is far superior. They say the Boxxer 318 is more entry level performance and that
I will get more heat to clean carpets better, better performance at 150-200 hose runs, higher pressure (1500 vs 1000psi)
which would make tile & grout cleaning easier and faster and I get the ability to control my heat compared to a bypass
on the 318 which regulates the heat.

The dealer is only offering $5,500 for my trade---and basically $15,000 for the new 370 with my trade and Sapphire is including
a $1500 rebate on the machine if purchased by the end of December. So total additional cost would be $13,500.
I am trading the newer machine only because the van its in is in better condition that the other van with the older boxxer.

So my question is---Is the Sapphire 370 SS worth spending an extra $13,500? Money is not my main concern. I have
made money over the past 3 years with the boxer 318 and I was going to purchase the 370SS three years ago so its
just as if I would be doing what I planned on doing 3 years ago.

My question is mainly on the performance.
I would like to hear from anyone who has personally used both units. Will the 370 make cleaning tile & grout faster and easier?
Will it make a noticeable difference in cleaning carpets and dry times? Will it perform much better on 150-200 ft hose runs?
Is it worth the additional investment?


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Nov 12, 2016
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Boris Johnson
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United States
I honestly haven't used either unit but both are single wand unit with about the same power. The SS 370 has a little more power but I doubt you'll see much increase in production time.

I personally wouldn't spend $15,000 just to trade for a nominal increase. I think you'll suffer buyers remorse very quickly.