Mytee Trex Jr


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Jun 29, 2014
North carolina
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Thinking of getting the Mytee Trex JR, had a rotovac 360i long time ago and sometimes wish i still had it, I sold it off for something else that i no longer have. I used it with the carpet brush head and it worked fine for me.

But the Trex JR looks like a more solid built machine a little heavier then the 360i but still only weighs 53 pounds which is nothing. I do like how you lower the handle better on the Trex compared to the 360i. Trex comes with the carpet brush head and a tool to remove it wich is nice, that brush head with the 360i was a pain to get off sometimes.

I gotta believe that cleaning results would be similar regardless of which one i had but i never had the Trex so not speaking from experience

I figure instead of brining in my 175 or CRB for pre scrub prior to rinse & extract, I can pre spray then run the Trex without connecting the vac hose and with out putting down any water first for my pre scrub, then just connect the vac hose to the Trex for rinse & extract. Or just pre spray then run the Trex.

So how about some honest options on the Trex JR. By the way I do use a TM A boxxer 318 with 36 blower and heat exchanger