Mytee Shark CRB?


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Jun 17, 2015
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Benn Heath
Hi Guys,

I am very much leaning towards buying the Mytee shark 17" CRB

If anyone here has experience with this machine I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts and opinions. I see that it is belt driven as apposed to gear driven - Pros and Cons?

I like that it has wheels for transportation. I think I like the mid range 17" size.

Any thoughts welcome and appreciated.


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Nov 12, 2016
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Boris Johnson
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I have tons of experience with CRBs. The problem though is Mytee as a company. They have severely reduced quality over the last 5 years and their customer service is horrible.

I bought a T-Rex from them recently and it was obvious it wasn't new, but was either a demo model or a refurbished used one. It broke the cylinder on the first pass.

Took me 5 months to get it warranty repaired. Now they are trying to tell me I have to pay for the repair.

I recommend you look into the CRBs from Zipper. They are made by the Austrian manufacturer and much higher quality.

For residential get a TM3 or TM4. For commercial get Pro35 or Pro45.