Mytee Escape LX Plus (brand new) has too much pressure! Help!


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Aug 15, 2022
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Brian Oyer

I was hoping someone with knowledge of the Mytee Escape LX Plus could help me with a brand-new machine that is giving me high pressure issues. Whenever I first turned it on, the pressure was automatically at 1200PSI, so I used the regulator and turned it down to 400 and went about cleaning. I had to stop and move to a different job and when I started it at my next job, it immediately jumped to 1200 PSI again and now it doesn't do anything whenever I try to use the regulator (just stays blasting at high pressure). It even caused the pressure gauge to pop and spews water out like crazy! It is like the machine thinks itself is in high pressure mode no matter what. Even if I have the regulator set to almost nothing, I still have 1200PSI blasted as soon as I turn the machine on! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you! I hope this thread makes sense!