Mytee Airhog 7303LX


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Jan 12, 2021
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Justin Adams
So… I recently purchased a brand new Airhog 7303lx. It may just be me, but shouldn’t the vacuums be making the ramp up noise when the vacuum port is restricted? My other vacuum motors do. Is this the way it should be? The suction isn’t great like I thought it was going to be compared to my other 6.6” 2 stage Amtek motors. The lift does not increase and it sounds like the lx motors are struggling with 2” hoses.

I could be VERY wrong but I’ve tried wrapping the hoses inside the unit with gorilla tape to keep them airtight and it seems to have helped some as the hoses actually had holes in them. This machine is 4 months old and has only been used MAYBE 15 mins total. The waste tank does indeed flex under restriction, but maybe I’m just over thinking it about the vacuum restriction sound. Is the lift still actually increasing? The suction on the 2” hose on my Airhog is actually worse compared to my other 6.6” motor with 2” hose. I do love Mytee products but something just seem right here. Each motor is on a separate 20 amp circuit outlet in my house.

I’m also very new to the cleaning world so please at least point me in the right direction.
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Mar 21, 2022
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Duncan Clements
How have you found the air hog since it was properly fixed? noticeable difference in vacuum? how reliable has the pump out been? I'm seriously looking into getting one for myself, keen to see how others have found them!