Mytee 8070 pump always leaking??


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Jan 1, 2023
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James Cady
hey all,

Ive used to forum for sometime now for all the knowledge and answers it provides. there is something that’s bugged me for awhile though, and there’s no answer for it! i’m a detailer who uses a little heated mytee portable paired with a SS upholstery pro, and for the most part the combo has served my needs very well. one thing that has always bugged me about the mytee though is that it has ALWAYS leaked from right where the pressure switch connects to the pump. ive taken the pressure switch off numerous times to try and clean the seals and put it back together hoping to finally remedy the issue, but ive never had any luck. i had wanted more pressure out of the unit for awhile, so eventually i upgraded the pump to the 200psi version of the same aquatec pump and guess what? still leaks from right at the pressure switch..

so i guess i’m asking others who have experience using these mytee portables: is this something you too have dealt with? is this a common issue amongst a lot of their machines? or did i just happen to get unlucky twice? it’s bugged me for some time, always having to clean up a big puddle from underneath the machine every time i use it, and so finally i decided to post here and see if anyone has some input. thanks!