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Dec 4, 2017
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Have you ever gone to the TMF store in Virginia?

On January 8th, 2018, I went to the TMF store and here is my experience.

1. Two nights, three days

I arrived on Monday afternoon (a 5+ hr trip), and met with Rob and associates on Tuesday, and then said good bye face to face on Wednesday at the store.

2. Snow was everywhere

In Virginia Beach, they had a lot of snow. And it was not plowed off the roads. So, because of this, there was not much traffic, and schools were closed. The roads were choppy! There were accidents. I came close to having collisions with fast folks on the roads. Thank God I didn't collide with anyone.

3. Tuesday with Rob and associates

On Tues morning, Rob contacted me to set up a breakfast meeting at a local bagel shop.

We spent about 45 minutes talking, and consulting about where I am at in the business, and why I came down to visit (rob paid for breakfast :)).

I came to the TMF Store to get face time with a (busy) industry leader, Rob, to test out a TMF CRB, to pick up a chemical order I had made previously (save on shipping!), to meet everyone else there, and to see what else would happen.

Rob showed me around the place, the equipment, the mtg rooms, etc, and introduced me to his wife (with whom I talked quite a bit about some good stuff, and offered me some coffee), his son, matt, and a few others.

Well, everything went well. In the shop, one of the co-workers let me test out a TMF CRB on an area rug, and he answered my questions about it (he was the one who sold me on it Rob! though I was already interested in it weeks ago).

Then, I helped bring in wet wool area rugs and runners, and we bagged them, and sprayed some sort of scent/deodorizer in the bags, to let them sit for a while (water pipes must have been busting in VA because of the extreme cold).

Then Rob invited me to go out on a job with Edwin, a Dry N Clean tech.

Edwin was personable, and I enjoyed learning the ropes from him. We went to a pet job, two upstairs bedrooms, one hall, one set of stairs, and a closet.

Edwin let me put down USOR on the many pet urine spots (no furniture in the rooms, and was vac'd by the customer, so the carpets looked pretty good, yet with uv light, we found many areas of concern).

Then I used the TMF CRB to pre agitate the carpet in both rooms and hallway and closet. We used the trays. There was noticeable hair in the trays when finished. The CRB was a breeze to use, and made quick work of the rooms (tho I was intentionally going slow the first time using a CRB), with a 15 inch wide brush set.

I tried out a 2 inch swivel wand (brand?).

Edwin extracted most all of the carpets, and did the steps, and I was his helper.

The customer was in the house, and interacting with us from time to time. There was also a large dog, behind a small barrier. The dog crates were huge in that house, two of them!

Edwin wrapped up the job, got paid, gave out a spotter bottle to the customer, the customer expressed his sincere appreciation, and then we went back to the shop.

I guess we spent an hour and a half on the actual job.

4. What I bought at the TMF Store

I canceled the order I came to pick up, and instead bought a larger amount of certain chemicals (USOR, Robs Secret Prespray, Grout Master, and some other things). And I was given a couple of free samples of some other things.

I bought a slightly used TMF CRB, and some TMF Online Courses (thanks tre and Rob for working out a good price for these things).

5. Wednesday I returned home

In the morning, I went to the TMF Store to say good bye to the folks. Then it was out to lunch (Golden Corral) with my older brother who lives in VA beach. Then, I went back to Lancaster, PA.

6. Final thoughts

I was glad I could meet Rob and the folks. I left with some more pieces to the floor cleaning puzzle. I am now better equipped chemically and with a CRB, and some new experiences in the rug shop and on the job.

I think it was important for me to take this trip, for my stage of the professional game.

Have you visited Rob and/or the TMF shop? How did it go for you?


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