FB My Lucky Monday! look at what I just found at this lady’s trash! So, as soon as I got a chance, I

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Georgeanna Marie Montalto

We have 2 kirbys, we do not use them in the business. The are on the heavy side but I love it. Cannot believe she threw it out.

Tim Guimond

I have two of the newer ones the sentria II way lighter than all the older ones and has the Power drive. I doubt a shark will outlast these. Kirby have a lifetime warranty as well

Mike Sheridan

I had the demo awhile back, and dude dumped baby powder on my floor to show how well it sucked stuff up, it got most of it, and beat the rest into the floor. I was like, I still see it, he tried again, and I could still see it, I told him it's cool, I'll get it later with my truck mount, lol

Jeremy Marquardt

When Kirby demo' me back in 1996 she has soap suds on the carpet 4' high!!! I literally went and started my hydramaster and showed her what was up and schooled her on why foaming soap is bad for carpets lol. That was fun