My first tile & grout demo for customer.

Jan 20, 2020
Real Name
Benji Zimmerman
I'm doing my first estimate and demo for a commercial customer in town. Burger joint chain that isn't McDonalds.

My tools here are a Prochem Legend XL, Hydroforce SX-15, CRB machine, grout scrubber, airmovers etc. Legend XL max psi is only 1000, I'm thinking of running at 8-900 for most of the job and around 200 F at the wand average temp.

On this type of commercial tile, am I best off with Alkaline or Acid prespray? I have both, just in case. Do I need a rinse? I'd like to just use freshwater if at all possible. Not crazy about putting tile chems through my chem pump (last step).