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Moth's in Wool Rug

Jan 27, 2015
Columbia, South Carolina
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I have a customer who has a moth problem on her wool rugs. They have began to eat the wool and are all over the place. I have searched threads and nothing recent I can find about this? Is this as simple as cleaning and treating for them? Any help would be appreciated. I can upload pictures but not sure how much that would help.


Scott W

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Feb 14, 2006
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A key issues is to prevent one infested rug from infesting others. Moths, especially in the egg and larvae stages are difficult to completely remove. It usually requires a pest control company with the proper permits to get rid of them once established. In most jurisdictions it is illegal to claim to kill insects if you are not properly licensed to do so.

They can be killed by freezing below 0 for an extend time (several days). Or they can be killed chemically.

Prevention is better. Dirty wool attracts moths and clean wool not so much. But once the eggs are there and the larvae hatch, they will eat whatever is around them.

The best prevention:
  • Keeping rugs clean
  • Keeping rugs where they are exposed to traffic, air flow, sunlight and such. Moths will lay eggs on the part of a rug under furniture or in an unused room
  • If anything does get infested, there are likely moths throughout the home. Pest control needs to get all areas including attics, under eaves and such.
  • Master Blend and Chem Max makes moth repellents, not moth-proof, called Repel and Resist.
If you want a full article on how to deal with moths, send an email request to with your name and company name.

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Nov 29, 2018
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Yes, I agree with Jim Davisson that moths do not eat wool. Moth at the initial larvae stage eats wool, silk, cotton, linen and fur fabrics. They won't see if you have the most expensive cashmere jumper or fine woolen suits, it will be a target for the hungry larvae. Clothes moth traps can be used to capture the male. However, using these methods will only halt further egg laying. An expert like Pest Exterminator Fairfield County CT help may be needed to get rid of the common moth infestation completely.