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Misspoke but it got me the job!


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Sep 28, 2016
Missoula, MT
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Robert Phillips
Asked a guy if he wanted windows polished instead of cleaned. Talked to over a dozen people before him and he was the first one that seemed interested. So I thought I'd go with it. Asked how it's different so I told him I gently buff the glass with a fine abrasive to remove water spots, stuck on soils and fine scratches. Not all scratches just really fine ones. I really just hyped up what a lot of people in the area do while cleaning and that is lightly buff with 0000 steel wool, which is a form of polishing. Don't normally do it to a whole window unless its really bad but he was hooked and scheduled me for tomorrow morning. I even charged an extra dollar per window side for it. We'll see how it goes I guess. If he's happier with my work than with what the other company that cleans his windows does then I guess I don't need to feel bad about anything.