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Oct 1, 2009
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Now on sale plus 90 day deferred payments! 220 R.P.M. for a faster clean


I purchased the 1st generation MiniMax several years ago and after purchasing two op machines I went back to using only the MiniMax. Just can’t beat the speed and the ability to point the machine in any direction I want to clean. I also love that I can use any pad on this machine and no worries about tip blooming no matter what I choose. I just purchased the new 3rd generation Mini and have been using it for a couple of weeks now and all I can say is, “I love this machine!”. I’ve always quickly found nuances in other purchases that I wasn’t particularly fond of but this machine is truly a joy to operate! Well thought out, even faster and more powerful than the original. Still has the same great features like continuous and responsive spray but several more that make this machine a cut above the rest. I have no desire to use any other solution even though I own several others. Well done Bonnet Pro and thank you for a great machine that I am proud to showcase! Well worth the investment!

Mike, Season Carpet Care

While reviewing The MiniMax Mule 220R I am beyond pleased to admit I’m not sure where to begin the evaluation with all the convenient/helpful features and hardware that characterizes this machine. This is a truly one of kind machine that can turn into a life saver during those one-man crew days and making team work a breeze saving valuable time and money. Just to give you an idea of what I do and how I utilize equipment: I own my own company and I do multiple large buildings/areas (multiple in one day differing from daycare centers, office buildings, vacant apartment units etc.) and work very long sometimes odd hours on a regular basis. I have a couple employees that work regularly for me and have been in business for 30+ years. The only advertisement I utilize is word of mouth and my personal website, I have received great feedback regarding cleaning results with the equipment/chemical duo I use. i was concerned about the motor height but after cleaning a cub farm, an office 150 x 80 wide full of desks I had no problems getting under the desks to clean.

Now for the New “MightyMax”, first wonderful feature is the incredible 89lb weight that includes the long bristle pad drive has a huge impact on production timing and quality. One of my favorite features that is a life saver is the new robotic wheels that go in two directions making 3rd or 4th floor cleaning a breeze as well as saves time and excess labor (no help; no problem). Another great character is the safety protector wheels that ensure no marks or gashes on client’s walls which is nice because you can spend more energy cleaning then controlling the powerful machine. The high speed 220 rpm speed allows for much better cleaning performance and faster dry time. The multi-brush feature lets me to scrub and bonnet at the same time which again is a huge time saver for a busy schedule. Lastly the removable and adjustable satellite spray system (for steps, upholstery and pre-spray) if the pre-spray is too light that’s no problem, just hit the trigger for more spray. No more dry patches that can possibly lead to injury or losing control of machine! If you can’t get it clean with Bonnet Pros new MiniMax and their top of the line cleaners it’s time to replace the carpet.

I have had great success with this machine and it was most definitely worth EVERY penny!!!

Dave Call, Dave’s Floor Care