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Media: F9 BARC Rust Remover Training: How to remove battery stains on a gray concrete driveway

Apr 7, 2013
Palm Desert, CA
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Craig Harrison
Most of the information can be found on our website at but I'll be happy to answer what I can here.

Here is our program on how to become an F9 Authorized Applicator. You don't have to be an Authorized Applicator to apply F9 but you do need to be a contractor or in business like you are. We do not sell to residential.

Spread rates on porous substrates are typically 500' per gallon. Fertilizer stain removal, battery acid stains and some deep rust require a double application. We have a video section on our website under F9 University.

F9 does much more than just clean rust better than anything else on the planet, it also is the best general restoration cleaner you'll ever find. In just 8 months we have around 150 professional applicators of the product and nothing but rave reviews. Here are some alternative uses.

Our Authorized Applicator program is more than just letting guys buy a case and get listed on our website. We have the #1 rust referral network on the net and are highly SEO'd to help our Applicators. Our website has generated over $50K for our guys in leads/work completed in 8 months are we are growing very strong. Our cleaning process when combined with F9 can also reverse concrete damage, even out color imbalances and make surfaces look like new.

Charging: guys are typically charging .50/ft on concrete for battery stain restoration, normally making $125-250/hr. On stucco and non-porous substrates this number can triple or more. We had one contractor use a gallon of F9 to restore 6 badly rusted AC units that were dripping a lot of rust down stucco siding and he charged $300 each...$1,800 from one gallon.

It works on pavers and tile too!