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May 13, 2012
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Robert Allen III
Wool is the most absorbent fiber commonly used for wall-to-wall carpeting and area rugs. Faced with all manner of potential spills, stains and abrasive particles due to foot traffic, wool needs and benefits from a quality protector. Thankfully, Bridgepoint Systems has filled this need by introducing the industry’s only protector formulated specifically for wool., Maxim Advanced for Wool.

Although acid dye resistors are often associated with stain resist nylon yarns, wool has even more sites that attract food coloring from sports drink, kid’s drinks, carbonated beverages and food spills. Maxim Advanced for Wool supplies a large dose of protection against dye and food coloring along with the high level of resistance to oily soils, water soils and abrasive dry soils that Maxim is well known for.
In designing Maxim Advanced for Wool, our formulator included ingredients to penetrate deeply into even the densest, tightly knotted pile. The pH of 5.5 is perfect for wool. In a living room or a grand hotel lobby, Maxim Advanced is the best way to protect an owner’s investment of fine wool rugs or carpeting.

Maxim Advanced for Wool is part of a full line of products from Bridgepoint for cleaning Oriental rugs and wool carpet.

Bridgepoint Maxim Advanced for Wool is available from your local Bridgepoint or Interlink Supply Distributor or by visiting


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