Masters Touch Trailer For Sale $9000 obo

Tyler B

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Aug 28, 2020
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Tyler Saunders
I have a masters touch trailer that I am looking to sell, would like $9000 or best quick offer (wife wants this gone before winter).

The unit has 623 hours on it with a ton of extras and $1000's in brand new gear.

I bought this used three years ago I had the motor tuned up, I replaced the pressure pump, cleaned and fixed the heater box, replaced all broken gauges, it was making great heat and I never used it.

It sits here and wife wants it gone.

Located in 12590 zip code in southern NY.

Respond back to comments:

Pump replacement - I use to own an exterior cleaning company so was use to replacing pressure pumps every few years, when I got the trailer I wanted to make sure all was setup and functioning 100%, I can not stand getting to a job and having something break or not work proper so that was the reasoning behind that.

Heater box - when I got the unit it did not make heat, everything else seemed to work fine and after going through everything I pulled the heat exchange box to find all the rivets in the box were broken (never saw that before) so I cleaned it, sealed it, and bolted it and the unit then made great heat.

Broken Gauges - one of the gauges was smashed and had no fluid so I figured while I'm replacing one I'd replace what I needed to make sure I was getting good readings.

Terminator 1200 - I have never actually tried to use or even taken out of the truck.

Call or text 845-337-9500
[email protected]



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