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MasterBlend El Diablo TM for SALE, 1333 hours, Utah


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Feb 28, 2020
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Isaac Finley
I have a Truckmount setup. Inside this double axle trailer I have a MasterBlend El Diablo, with a diesel heater. As of the time of this writing, this machine has 1333 hours, and these machines commonly last 12K+ hours.

Also included:

100 Gallon Freshwater Tank
80 Gallon Wastewater Tank
200ft of vacuum, and water hose
2 Hard Surface Cleaning tools
2 jet carpet wand
6 jet carpet wand
Portable Upholstery machine
3 upholstery wands
2 heaters to heat the trailer in winter
Synthetic Oil to last 1 year of oil changes
Brand New Provac Backpack vac w/ attachments
Spare Tire
Waste Water Filter
Floor Fan
Inline Soap Sprayer

Several months worth of:

Carpet Soap
Hard Surface Acidic and Alkaline Soap
Stain Spotter
Upholstery Prespray
Urine Treatment
Grout Sealers
Hard Surface Sealer(Travertine)

This company, as of the time of this writing has over $8700 in yearly recurring commercial contracts that were only added on in the last 4 months. These have been arranged and setup through a friend in the industry, who would be happy to continue to work with whoever purchased this. While commercial income will continue to grow, the large majority of the income comes from residential. While there isn't really such a thing as residential contracts, you will get lots of recurring residential jobs, and lots of new residential jobs.

I am selling the equipment and the business, however if you would like one or the other, feel free to contact me as well


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