Low Vacuum - No Clue what's going on

Kevin Lietz

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Dec 9, 2016
Ogden, UT
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Hey Everyone! I would have put this under a specific Truckmount system but mine is a custom unit so it's a bit of a mess. :( Roots URAI 68 blower with dual "smokestack" silencers. Today, I fired it up and found that I was running WAY low vacuum. Checked the filters, and now I'm on to tearing the whole damn thing apart... I've got the blower now disengaged from everything, and it seems to be running fine by itself, though it obviously sounds way different without the silencers on.... I'm going to put the front half back together and see what kind of vacuum I have now, but I wanted to post on here and see if anyone has any ideas that I'm missing...

Could the silencer be clogged? Bad? Not sure if thats possible