Erick Dantas

LOVING MY NEW SWIVEL TONY DANG WAND! Here is my review! First I want to make it clear that I'm just a small local carpet cleaner that is actually out in every job cleaning carpets like some of you, and my intent w/ this post is not to make the haters hate even more w/ their different opinions of preferred manufacturers or sellers, or even past bad experiences, it's just my own personal new toy excited opinion, and nobody is obligated to agree with! (But please keep any replies clean and professional)
I'm comparing this new wand w/ my old Prochem heavy 4 jet wand, I've never had or tried a titanium, Mytee, Tom's or any other wand so light and good like this, but I'll give you my review (without any intimate friendship w/ anybody in here, No Green handshakes, No ass leaking BS, etc... )
I've decided to go w/ Tony's wand, not only to give him a chance but also for a few other reasons.
1- PRICE. Off course I would like to have the other pretty and more expensive wand, just like I would love to have a Mercedes Van but got a Ford Transit instead, (Just not my money priority right now, besides it feels easier to trust in the hands of a not so careful employee), but for $800 less on this wand, I believe I still got something just as nice, beautiful looking, and that serves the same purpose, while it still 1000 times better than what I had before, even if I have to use it without the swivel.
2- SWIVEL. I'm loving every aspect of this new swivel concept! Makes the job a lot easier and faster by being able to maneuver without the stress, around furniture, tight corners, behind doors, under furniture, etc. The swivel after a month it still working just fine, feels solid and looks pretty strong, and I don't believe I'll have any problems w/ it (Looks like he finally got that fixed!) Loved the simplicity to clean, easy to maintain, take out apart and especially the easy to Lock and Unlock latch idea if you don't want it to swivel.
3- LIGHT WEIGHT. My only regret was not having invested on a lighter wand yrs before! It could have saved me a lot of back and elbow pain. I'm really impressed on how light this thing is and yet well built and strong. I was never this happy with a tool before, not even when I got my zipper that I thought would solve my back problems and it didn't (sorry Zipper or Bonzer lovers, great tool for big open areas but it sucks on occupied resident settings or tight places, for me! Sold it!)
4- JET BRACKETS. It looks much better, strong and easy to replace w/ this new solid aluminum brackets vs the older model w/ the built in holes for the jets on the head. That kept me from buying it before, afraid that I would have to replace the whole head if I ever messed up the treads on it.
5- HANDLE. I like this new longer and solid plastic handle design, vs the metal one on my old wand or the ones that comes on most wand they are selling now.
6- WAND HEAD. Loved how low the head is and the wider size! Great to go under everything and by being bigger than my old wand it's helping me get things done faster.
7-DRYING TIME, I heard some talk about it helping w/ faster drying time and didn't think it would make so much difference as it does! I'm impressed on how drier it leaves the carpets I've cleaned so far. Compared w/ my old Prochem wand it's leaving the carpets at least 5 times or more, dryer than before. I'm not sure, but the tube looks bigger and more open as well as the air flow inside the head, that may be why!
I'm positive I'll find other great reasons for being so happy w/ my recent purchase decision, but those where the top ones for now, and if there is ever any problems I'll keep you guys posted.
I hope my opinion helps you guys with your decision on future purchases! Have a great weekend everyone! 5⭐️ ✨
Ya'll stealin my idea for the wand wrap! At least I think it was my idea lol. Does pretty it up a little. I call mine the hot rod wand. Would be nice if it swiveled though. Never tried a swivel wand.