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Jul 7, 2022
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Will Singh
Hello All,

I'm looking into cleaning carpets and I could use some advice as far as "is what I'm thinking viable or would I end up lighting something on fire?" sort of things. I'm hardly an electrician, so any help there would be most appreciated. For now, I'm starting small and working on a small budget.

My plan to start is to use the Detailer PRO 6 Gal Carpet Extractor Kit w/Heat 100psi from Unoclean. I'm not sure exactly how many amps the unit draws, but by my best guesses I believe I'll need a generator. For this I'm looking at the Predator 8750 Watt Inverter Generator. I'm looking at the Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi-Purpose Floor Machine as a way to ruffle/agitate/ loosen any dirt before vacuuming, although my Kirby vacuum may have an attachment for that. I already own a Kirby Ultimate G Serie vacuum, so that's covered. Lastly, I would likely run an extension cord from the generator; I was looking at a 50', 10 Gauge, 20 Amp cord from ULINE.

I'm still figuring out the chemical side for now. But I want to get advice as to if this set up would work or not. I'd rather learn here that this is a catastrophe waiting than actually take part in said catastrophe. I -think- that I have the correct generator for the job, but I'm SUPER unsure about the extension cord. My thoughts for the cord being, I'm not sure if customers would be cool with me running a generator indoors, also, considering proper ventilation.

Again, any help here is greatly appreciated. Please forgive me if what you have just read is an electrical nightmare. Any tips, pointers, or general thoughts are welcome.

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