Looking to install older (year 2000) Hydramaster CDS 4.8


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Jul 1, 2019
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I recently acquired an older unit CDS 4.8 with salsa. I believe it was removed from the van because the blower was stuck (rust) and I have that taken care of that with little magic (PB blaster and opening the case a little). Unit has 4300 hours on it and in fair shape. The old clutch assembly and mounting bracket was left behind along with the old style vacuum pods for the throttle (engine was a 350) I'm looking to install it in a used van maybe a 2008 to 2012 GM 3500 Extended but not a brand new van. This will be used as a back up and during busy months only so I don't want to spend 60K. Looking for used or new (old stock) parts: The front end assembly, electronic throttle control and a blower silencer. Any help would be much appreciated.