Looking to add Carpet and Tile cleaning to Natural Stone repair and maintenance business


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Apr 6, 2022
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Timothy Connolly
Howdy, all!

As the title states, I have a business that I am looking to expand. I am a one man operation in a smallish town and am looking to get my adult daughters into the fold.

My background is in the natural stone fabrication industry. Think granite counter tops. I had owned and operated my own fabrication shop for years and then decided I was ready to get out of it to do strictly repairs, maintenance and revamps. Sold the shop and started the new company with great success! Years later, I keep getting calls for refinishing and cleaning stone floors. Mostly travertine and marble. Not so much tile. That stuck in my mind and now I am signed up to learn how to refinish floors. Same concept as counter tops, just bigger machines!

Why do I want to get into carpet cleaning? The machinery. The machinery I will need to refinish natural stone floors will be essentially the same machines you all use for cleaning. Yes, there are pieces that I will need to buy, but I believe I will have the floor machines and extractor that can also work for carpet. I may be wrong and I would love to hear what I will really need. I go for training at the end of the month and will know exactly what pieces I will end up with and will post what I purchase.

Another reason I want to add these services is to grow my company. I have two adult daughters who would like to get their college degrees but can't seem to fit it into their 40+ hour work week. I feel I have the opportunity to help them out by offering these services. They would be the floor cleaning side of the business. I don't really need to make money, just enough to cover any payments for equipment. They could work part time and get back to school. Or, if they like it enough, grow the business and take it over. They are smart, strong and mechanically inclined. They work on their own cars, thanks to dad making them do the work!

I also have a tile installation background. I have set and repaired many floors. This is where there is another opportunity to add a service. Color sealing the grout after the floors are cleaned. I'm too old for that sh*t and my knees won't let me. The girls could do it with a knee dolly and not ruin their knees like the old man!

I am totally open to constructive criticism and opinions. I firmly believe in education in the trades and want to know what you all think about the online courses offered here on TMF. Of course, real world experience is key and I read a great idea of getting the old torn out carpet from flooring stores to practice on. Genius! I have already spent hours reading TMF and have my kids doing the same. I feel like this will be a great opportunity for us and our community.

Thanks to all who took the time to read this!